Wednesday, July 15, 2009

save computer from virus

Author : Nitin Soni

your home computer needs to make sure they had adequate protection from potentially devastating computer viruses. Installing antivirus software can help your computer system in order to support and destroy these threats. Computer virus if given the opportunity can spread quite easily. The virus is actually a program that replicates itself and start attacking and infecting your computer files. Like human viruses, these can be spread to other people. Email attachments can easily infected with the virus and then sent to other computers. That's why it is also advisable to make sure your antivirus software scans both incoming and outgoing emails for viruses. This can keep your computer safe as well as those computers to which you send email.As is with human biological viruses, the severity can vary among computer viruses. Some computer virus while annoying do little if any real damage to your system. On the other hand, some can be quite more extreme potentially corrupting key files that your computer needs to operate. This can impair your computer's ability to start up and perform normally. The virus may also rewrite data files you store on your computer. This will corrupt the files and in some cases make them completely irretrievable.

As scary as these viruses sound, you still have the upper hand if you appropriate arm your system with antivirus software. This software typically does a scheduled scan of your system, notifying you of any things that is concerning. Also, the software can scan files on demand. This means if you suspect a file could have a virus you can tell the software to make a quick scan of the item. This is wise when opening any kind of file that did not originate on your computer.

Some things to remember about your antivirus software is that the software developer is constantly releasing updates to the antivirus software. Also, these updates many include new virus definitions. Viruses are always changing and spreading. Make sure about your antivirus software frequently because even if you are armed with it, it might not protect you. Most programs can allow you to select automatic updates so the program reminds you to update.